February 19, 2018

Results September 21, 2013

Trent Wilson in his Wilson Race Cars Street Stock Dominates the Battle of the ‘Big Lake Boys’.
Tyler Godwin beats Danny Martin to the checkers in the Eagle Jet Top Gun Sprint feature.
Tracy Butler gets his first win in a wild Limited Late Model/Open Wheel Modified race.
Tommy Hill finds his way back to the Winners Circle in a 14 car Thunder Stock field.
Larry Thacker Jr holds off Mark Thompson for another win after a late race restart.

The weather was perfect, the track was awesome, the stands were packed, the parking lot was jammed, the pits were full of new cars and all the regulars were there to defend their reputations, and the Sprint Cars were ready to tame the Everglades Clay.
After Phil Peterson took home the trophy in the Thunder Stock Trophy Dash the Street Stock $800 to win feature took to the track, Trent Wilson and Scotty Kay Jr. started on the front row after winning their heat races. Trent took the lead with David McCormack close behind, Scotty Kay Jr and Tim Arnold followed. Deeper in the 13 car field was Tommy Hill, Rick Osteen, Brian Morgan and Nick Osborne in his new Pep Boys sponsored #6. After two single car cautions Tommy Hill found his way to Trent Wilsons rear bumper, Trent showed Tommy the fast way around for the final caution free eight laps. Scotty Kay Jr traded places several times with David McCormack and finished third. Tim Arnold held off Brian Morgan and Nick Osborne to round out the top five.
Now it was Sprint Car time, the track was fast and the fans all picked their favorite during the Intermission autograph signing session. So many people went out on the track it was a traffic jam getting on and off the track, T-Shirts and coloring books were given out, and lots of pictures were taken. The ground pounding Sprints Cars never fail to impress with the smooth track and all that horsepower. Tyler Godwin had the field under control leading Danny Martin, Gene Lasker, AJ Maddox, Tim George and Tony Agin to the checkers. Shane Kreidler made it up to third but a late race spin ended that run. 17 year old Rebecca George probably signed the most autographs and took the most pictures during intermission and got a lot of new fans.

The Combined Limited Late Models and Open Wheel Modifieds were not about to be outdone and put one the wildest show of the night. Eleven cars took the green and hundreds of fans took to their feet when eight of those eleven spun on the first lap, everybody avoided damage and the race restarted. You could hear the crowd cheering over the sounds of the motors. Wayne Hilderbrand in his modified held off the hard charging Limiteds of Tracy Butler and John Bledsoe for ten intense laps when his motor got hot ending his dominant run. John Bledsoe in his new #15 and Tracy Butler in his well prepared #31 put on a show for the fans, trading places several times as Kenny Hinkle and Mark Thompson followed closely. Tracy Butler took the checkers first and took the winners money back to Key West.

The Thunder Stocks were 14 strong and ready to run, Jon Basquin in his newly painted #67 and Gary Champion in his new #23 paced the field to the green flag followed by Tommy Hill and Steve Colon, Nick Osborne and Derik Rose shared row three. After several three wide laps Tommy Hill and Nick Osborne took to the front. The black #6 of Nick Osborne lost an axle in turn one and Gary Champion and Jon Basquin were left to chase Tommy Hill but never caught him. Robbie Regula and Derik Rose had good runs as Marc Lamont and newcomer Derrik Heath chased them.
Larry Thacker Jr and Mark Thompson continued their on track battle, Larry took off and Mark drove like a mad man on a mission but never caught him, a late race restart gave Mark an opportunity to make something happen but the #00 of Larry Thacker would have none of that and they battled to the checker. Scott Barlow took third.
A big thanks to everyone that came back from the rainout two weeks ago and the huge number of new fans, the buzz is in the air for a great finish to 2013. We will be running the first and third Saturday’s of the month and stay tuned for big announcements about the December Everglades Winter Nationals at Hendry County Motorsports Park


Hendry County Motorsports Park Race Results
Race Date:  9/21/2013

Class  Eagle Jet Top Gun Sprints
Pos. Car # Drivers Name

1 82 Tyler Godwin
2 24 Danny Martin
3 02 Gene Lasker
4 3A AJ Maddox
5 1 Tim George
6 38 Tony Agin
7 7 Kyle Pitts
8 3T Johnnie Alexander
9 21 Rebecca George
10 52 Shane Kreidler
11 80 Bill Giddons

Class  V-8 Thunder Stocks Trophy Dash
Pos. Car # Drivers Name

1 88 Phil Peterson
2 1Jr Dustin Turnage
3 72 Ken Campbell
4 13 Derrik Heath
DNS 02 Bret McCammon
DNS 1 Tom Murray

Class  Street Stocks
Pos. Car # Drivers Name

1 64 Trent Wilson
2 5H Tommy Hill
3 21 Scotty Kay Jr.
4 26 David McCormack
5 98 Tim Arnold
6 9L Brian Morgan
7 6 Nick Osborne
8 7R Rick Osteen
9 19 Charlie Paschal
10 22 John Bentley
11 5 Jeff Bobst
12 40 Danny Esposito
13 11 Gary Bobst

Class  V-8 Thunder Stocks
Pos. Car # Drivers Name

1 5H Tommy Hill
2 67 Jon Basquin
3 23 Gary Champion
4 5R Derik Rose
5 29 Robbie Regula
6 1X Steve Colon
7 2 Marc Lamont
8 1Jr Dustin Turnage
9 13 Derrick Heath
10 72 Ken Campbell
11 6 Nick Osborne
12 88 Phil Peterson
13 1 Tom Murray
14 02 Bret McCammon

Class  Limited Late Models/Open Wheel Modifieds
Pos. Car # Drivers Name

1 31 Tracy Butler
2 28 Mark Thompson
3 15 John Bledsoe
4 71 Harold Brokaw
5 01Z Lonnie Byassee
6 02 Chris Broedell
7 99 Wayne Hilderbrand
8 59 Allan Fornella
9 5 Bob Regula
10 50 Ken Murphy
10 88 Kenny Hinkle

Class  Modified Mini Stocks
Pos. Car # Drivers Name

1 00 Larry Thacker Jr
2 28 Mark Thompson
3 31 Scott Barlow
4 22 Renee Fornella
5 33 Mark Barlow Jr