February 20, 2018

Results October 19, 2013

DK Winner1

Derik Rose wins his first V-8 Thunder Stock Feature!
Don Sniff wins two in a row in his Limited Late Model.
Larry Thacker Sr wins in Modified Mini Stock.
David McCormack wins the Street Stock prize money.

Phil Peterson wins another Trophy Dash….The Limited Late Models and the Open Wheel Modifieds lined up on the front straight in their feature starting order, the fans came out on the track to meet the drivers and see the cars up close, after the Meet and Greet and the drivers introductions the motors fired up and the stands cheered, some with new favorite racers. The fans saw a wild show that took many restarts and many push/tow vehicles to get through. Once everyone settled in the side by side racing was great. Don Sniff took home the $500 by starting up front and never looking back, behind him Bob Regula and Tracy Butler battled as Alan Fornella, John Bledsoe, Mark Thompson, Kenny Hinkle and a few others traded positions every lap.

The V-8 Thunder Stock Trophy Dash was Phil Peterson up front followed by Ken Campbell.

Street Stock came out to determine who got the next $500 prize, David McCormack and Tommy Hill started up front with Nick Osborne and Ron Regula behind them. David McCormack in his WRC #26 held off a charging Ron Regula until the end and claimed the win. Ron was fending off Tommy Hill and Tommy found a way around Ron in turn four of the last lap, Ron got third place followed by Charles Paschal and Rick Osteen.

The Modified Mini Stocks saw Larry Thacker Sr drive the #00 to another victory as a substitute driver for his out of town son in an effort to maintain the slim points lead over Mark Thompson. Shawn Reiss gave chase but couldn’t take the win away from Thacker, Mark Barlow Sr brought the #31 to a podium finish.

The V-8 Thunder Stocks had thirteen cars lined up behind the Black #13 car late in October under an almost full moon, we all new anything could happen. Derrik Heath in the #13 won his heat race his second time ever racing dirt and found himself on the pole for the feature with #39 Bruce Basham outside pole after beating Tommy Hill in their heat race. The two Everglades Farm Equipment/Randy’s Garage cars of 16 year old Derik Rose and track veteran Tommy Hill lined up side by side in row two. Derik Rose in the #5R showed Derrik Heath in the #13 how we start races at a dirt track and had the lead by turn one, the two young drivers paced the field with Jon Basquin looking under the #13 wanting his spot in line. Nick Osborne and Tommy Hill ran two wide but the leaders were getting away, Ron Regula in the #29 got in the mix and Tommy Hill was the victim of bad luck for the first time in months, it must have been that moon. The front wheels on the #5H were now pointing different directions. Derik Rose in the #5R ran a perfect race and held off Jon Basquin for a popular win and drove the checkered flag around the track in his victory celebration. Ron Regula finished third with Gary Champion and Bruce Basham rounding out the top five.

The Eagle Jet Top Gun Sprint Cars are back for our next event November 2nd and stay tuned for other announcements about that race and the two weekend event in December, The Everglades Winter Nationals.

Hendry County Motorsports Park Race Results
Race Date:  10/19/2013Class  V-8 Thunder Stocks Trophy Dash
Pos. Car # Drivers Name1 88 Phil Peterson
2 72 Ken Campbell
3 75 Tom Alley
4 1 Tom Murray
DNS 23 Gary ChampionClass  Street Stocks
Pos. Car # Drivers Name1 26 David McCormack
2 1H Tommy Hill
3 3 Ron Regula
4 19 Charlie Paschal
5 7R Rick Osteen
6 6 Nick Osborne
7 60 Wayne Flick
8 22 John Bentley
9 11 Gary Bobst

Class  V-8 Thunder Stocks
Pos. Car # Drivers Name

1 5R Derik Rose
2 67 Jon Basquin
3 29 Ron Regula
4 23 Gary Champion
5 39 Bruce Basham
6 72 Ken Campbell
7 13 Derrick Heath
8 02 Bret McCammon
9 6 Nick Osborne
10 5H Tommy Hill
11 75 Tom Alley
12 88 Phil Peterson
13 1 Tom Murray

Class  Limited Late Models/Open Wheel Modifieds
Pos. Car # Drivers Name

1 10 Don Sniff
2 5 Bob Regula
3 31 Tracy Butler
4 15 John Bledsoe
5 59 Allan Fornella
6 28 Mark Thompson
7 88 Kenny Hinkle
8 32 Robert Vaughn
9 01Z Lonnie Byassee
10 61 Thomas Scott
11 99 Wayne Hilderbrand
12 50 Ken Murphy

Class  Modified Mini Stocks
Pos. Car # Drivers Name1 00 Larry Thacker Sr (sub)
2 10 Shawn Reiss
3 31 Mark Barlow Sr
4 22 Alan Fornella
5 7 Joe Rice