February 20, 2018

Results November 2, 2013


Brian Morgan Wins Street Stock Feature.
Steve Colon wins Trophy Dash in his new car.
Tommy Hill finds Victory Lane when the money was on the line.
Bob Regula dominates in his Open Wheel Modified.
Larry Thacker Jr. adds to his points lead.
Tyler Godwin wins The Eagle Jet Top Gun Sprint feature.
  The weather was perfect, the track was smooth and fast and the Sprint Cars were in town. The stands were busy, the playground was filled with kids and the pits had lots of cars and haulers lined up in it. The peanuts were boiling, the pizza and burgers were cooking and the ice was doing it’s job keeping the beer and soda cold, it must be Saturday Night!
  After the intermission Meet and Greet with the Sprint Car Drivers and teams the V-8 Thunder Stock Trophy Dash was won by Steve Colon who brought his new car out for the first time since destroying the old one several races ago.
  The Street Stocks were eager to do battle early on the schedule this week and Brian Morgan showed up ready to battle. Steve Jones started on the pole after winning his heat race and Tommy Hill was on the outside of that front row. Todd Ansel and Brian Morgan shared row two. Tommy Hill took the early lead but Brian Morgan wasted no time and drove right by him on the second lap. Scotty Kay Jr. and David McCormack came from the middle of the fourteen car field to third and fourth in just three laps. Ron Regula, Rick Osteen, Nick Osborne and a few others tried to work their way up into the top four but at the end it was Morgan, Hill, Kay jr. and McCormack with Regula rounding out the top five.
 The Eagle Jet Top Gun Sprints had several races within a race and young Rebecca George had several new fans in the stands. Tyler Godwin found the fast way around the Everglades Clay and took home the first big check and big trophy for the Sprint Cars. Top Gun will post all the official points and awards with pictures from the night.
 The Open Wheel Modifieds and the Limited Late Models got to square off against each other again in a very exciting race behind Ron Regula. Wayne Hiderbrand and John Bledsoe started up front with Jason Intoppa and Regula right behind them, Regula went under Bledsoe on the start and the two modifieds of Regula and Intoppa took off. Don Sniff worked his way up to the top three by lap fifteen and Scott Thompson in his brothers #28 was lurking around the podium as well. Ron Regula lead 19 of the 20 laps to add to his points lead in the Open Wheel Division. Don Sniff backed up his two wins with a strong second place finish and Scott Thompson brought home a well deserved third place.
 The V-8 Thunder Stocks brought their cars out to the front straight for driver introductions before they ran for the $500 dollars and the big trophy. The crowd cheered as the motors restarted and the #6 of Nick Osborne and #5R of Derik Rose paced the thirteen car field to the green, veterans Gary Champion and Tommy Hill took up the second row behind the two newer drivers. Row three was Don Faligno and Marco Reyes in their matching Paul Bange Roofing sponsored Thunder Stocks. Derik Rose took the lead on lap one but Tommy Hill took it away by lap two, Rose followed closely until the fan belts came off the motor and ended his night. Gary Champion and Kevin Cassaday worked their way up to the top three and started to run down the #1H and with five to go Kevin took the black #80 to second place around Gary Champions #23, Cody Allen and Phil Peterson rounded out the top five.
 Larry Thacker Jr added to his points lead by beating Shawn Reiss in the Modified Mini Stock Race. The little #00 is getting very used to finishing up front.
 The next event at Hendry County Motorsports Park is November 16th, and then the Everglades Winter Nationals on December 6th, 7th, 14th, and 15th. We are looking for a great finish to a season of great racing.
    Hendry County Motorsports Park Race Results
Race Date:  10/19/2013

Class  V-8 Thunder Stocks Trophy Dash
Pos. Car # Drivers Name

1  1X    Steve Colon
2  98X  Don Faligno
3  72    Ken Campbell
4  75+  Tom Alley
5  81    James Dellea

Class  Street Stocks
Pos. Car # Drivers Name

1   9L   Brian Morgan
2   1H  Tommy Hill
3   21   Scotty Kay Jr
4   26   David McCormack
5   3     Ron Regula
6   7R  Rick Osteen
7   19  Charlie Paschal
8   40  Danny Esposito
9   60  Wayne Flick
10  6   Nick Osborne
11  80 Richard Nelson
12  22 Todd Ansel
13  14 Del Powell
14  13 Steve Jones

Class  V-8 Thunder Stocks
Pos. Car # Drivers Name

1   5H   Tommy Hill
2   80    Kevin Cassady
3   23    Gary Champion
4   98    Cody Allen
5   88    Phil Peterson
6   1X    Steve Colon
7   93    Marco Reyes
8   72    Ken Campbell
9   6      Nick Osborne
10 5R    Derik Rose
11 98X  Don Faligno
12 75+ Tom Alley
13 81   James Dellea

Class  Limited Late Models/Open Wheel Modifieds
Pos. Car # Drivers Name

1   5    Bob Regula
2  10   Don Sniff
3   28   Scott Thompson
5   18   Jason Intoppa
6   15   John Bledsoe
7   50   Ken Murphy
8   59   Allan Fornella
9   99   Wayne Hilderbrand

Class  Modified Mini Stocks
Pos. Car # Drivers Name

1   00   Larry Thacker Sr (sub)
2   10   Shawn Reiss