February 20, 2018

Results November 16, 2013

Wayne Hilderbrand wins twice in one night, winning the Open Wheel Modified Feature and the Kim Allen Memorial Trophy Dash.
Scotty Kay Jr holds off Trent Wilson to win the Street Stock Feature.
Thomas Scott wins the Limited Late Model Feature after missing the heat race.
Larry Thacker Jr holds off a late race challenge from Shawn Reiss in his new Modified Mini Stock.
Tommy Hill found a way around Dennis Walker to win the Thunder Stock Feature, again.
Clewiston, 11-16-13; The mid day light rains and the steady winds kept some fans and competitors away, but it helped make the track perfect for racing. After the heat races and intermission the V-8 Thunder Stocks ran their Trophy Dash, Steve Colon took home another trophy in his 1X car as a nervous dad Jon Basquin watched his 14 year old daughter Robin racing in his blue #67.
 The Open Wheel Modifieds were next and running this week without their friends in the Limited Late Models, Bob Regula started on the pole but Wayne Hilderbrand wasted no time going to the lead. Robert Vaughn and Mark Thompson each got their turn trying to catch Wayne while Regula eventually made it back to second place. Mark Thompson finished third with his full beard still intact, he said he isn’t shaving it until he wins.
 The Limited Late Models have Don Sniff on the pole and Alan Fornella on the outside, Thomas Scott started in the rear after missing his heat race. Scott in his #61 ran a few practice laps at intermission with the couple Late Models testing, the #61 seemed to be fixed. Don Sniff took off to the early lead in his #61 as Alan Fornella, Lonnis Byassee and Chris Broedell gave chase. Thomas Scott made it to the rear bumper of the #10 and took ten laps to find his opportunity to take the lead.that he never gave up. Sniff was second and Chris Broedell finished third.
  Scotty Kay Jr in his bright orange #21 and Trent Wilson driving the white #26 brought the field to the green in the Street Stock feature, Ron Regula and Todd Ansel followed in row two. Scotty Kay took the early lead and never gave Trent a chance to see anything but his rear bumper. Rick Osteen got around Todd Ansel four fourth place as Ron Regula held firmly to third place. Rich Cordis brought out his newly rebuilt #27 car for the first time and Tommy Hill watched his 1H car being driven by longtime friend Dwight Bowers. Scotty Kay Jr. took home the win with Trent Wilson second and Ron Regula third.
 The V-8 Thunder Stocks lined up for their feature with Dennis Walker in his white #34 and Bruce Basham in his black #39 in the first row, second row was Tommy Hill in the 5H and Adam Powell in the red #4. Ken Campbell and Kevin Cassaday were in row three planing their strategy to get further up in the field. Dennis Walker lead the early laps until the black #5H of Tommy Hill nudged his way around, Walker held on for second as the #80 of Kevin Cassaday tested the strength of his front bumper and Walkers rear bumper, both bumpers held up but Walker got put to the back for stopping on the track even though he didn’t spin. Cassaday said later that he didn’t mean to drill the #34 car and it was lucky Dennis saved it. Tommy Hill checked out as Bruce Basham and Jon Basquin worked their way up to second and third place where they finished.
 The challenge was laid out to anyone in any class to run a Trophy Dash for the Kim Allen Memorial trophy, Del Powell in his Late Model started on the outside of Chris Broedells Limited Late Model and right behind them was the Open Wheel Modifieds of Bob Regula and Wayne Hilderbrand. The Trophy sat on the steps of the starters stand waiting for its new owner. Hilderbrand and Regula jumped out front and after a few laps with the #99 out front Regula in the #5 tried the outside, tried the inside and then tried to drive right through the #99, that move didn’t work out well and Hilderbrand got his spot back and Regula went to the rear. Del Powell in his #14 Late Model was all over the back of Hilderbrands Modified for the next six laps but never found a way around him. The trophy gets to go home with Wayne but it might have to share shelf space with the other trophy the #99 car earned tonight.
 Shawn reiss brought out his new Modified Mini Stock in a effort to de-throne Larry Thacker Jr from the winners circle. He was close but mechanical gremlins got him with four laps to go, Mark Thompson and Scott Thompson were their to give chase but even after a late race restart Mark could not catch the little #00 of Larry Thacker Jr.
  The track was in awesome shape and if we can keep it that nice for the Everglades Winter Nationals their will be a lot of happy racers and race fans. The excitement is building for all the activities and competition planned for the first two weekends of December. Stay informed at www.Hendryracing.com or Hendry Racing on Facebook.
Hendry County Motorsports Park Race Results
Race Date:  11/16/2013Class  Kim Allen Open Class Trophy Dash
Pos. Car # Drivers Name1 99 Wayne Hiderbrand
2 5 Bob Regula
3 02 Chris Broedell
4 14 Del Powell

Class  V-8 Thunder Stocks Trophy Dash
Pos. Car # Drivers Name

1 1X Steve Colon
2 1 Tom Murray
3 5R David Rose
4 67 Robin Basquin

Class  Street Stocks
Pos. Car # Drivers Name

1 21 Scotty Kay Jr
2 26 Trent Wilson
3 3 Ron Regula
4 7R Rick Osteen
5 22 Todd Ansel
6 27 Rich Cordis
7 1H Dwight Bowers
8 60 Wayne Flick

Class  V-8 Thunder Stocks
Pos. Car # Drivers Name

1 5H Tommy Hill
2 39 Bruce Basham
3 67 Jon Basquin
4 80 Kevin Cassady
5 1 Tom Murray
6 34 Dennis Walker
7 4 Adam Powell
8 1X Steve Colon
9 72 Ken Campbell
10 5R David Rose

Class  Limited Late Models
Pos. Car # Drivers Name

1 61 Thomas Scott
2 10 Don Sniff
3 02 Chris Broedell
4 59 Alan Fornella
5 01 Lonnie Byassee
6 15 John Bledsoe

Class  Open Wheel Modifieds
Pos. Car # Drivers Name

1 99 Wayne Hilderbrand
2 5 Bob Regula
3 28 Mark Thompson
5 32 Robert Vaughn
6 50 Ken Murphy

Class  Modified Mini Stocks
Pos. Car # Drivers Name1 00 Larry Thacker Jr
2 28 Mark Thompson
3 17 Scott Thompson
4 21 Shawn Reiss