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Press Release – Dec 8, 2013

Press Release, Clewiston FL, Dec. 8, 2013 –  The Hendry County Motorsports Park in response to feedback from fans in the stands and Race Teams in the pits this weekend, has decided to combine the Saturday/Sunday Everglades Winter Nationals event into one extended day of racing, basically getting two days of racing into one Saturday event. Fans can see both the heat races and the feature events without a two day commitment and Race Teams can make the decision to stay the night or make the trip home. The pits and facilities will be open Friday and Saturday night for overnight camping. Our HCMP Points Season will end with a Saturday Night Band, under the lights. The Lil John Wheelie Magic Fire Truck and the Eagle Jet Top Gun Sprint Car Meet and Greet will be our biggest intermission event of the year, what a great way to end the 2013 Season, Saturday Night, under the lights.
 The racing will include all of the racing divisions that have been with us this year, Eagle Jet Sprints, the Daytona Antique Auto Racing Association, Open Wheel Modifieds, Limited Late Models, Street Stocks, V-8 Thunder Stocks and Modified Mini Stocks. The Eagle Jet Top Gun Sprints will be racing for over $10,000 in prize money, payouts for heat races, sponsored Lap Award money, Hard Charger Award, Halfway money, Hard Luck Award and a guaranteed $300 to start. All local classes will be competing for final season points positions and increased purses, $1000 to Win Open Wheel Modifieds, $1000 to Win Limited Late Models, $500 to Win Thunder Stocks, $500 to Win Street Stocks and $200 to Win Modified Mini Stocks. All this racing will require an early start and a strict adherence to the schedule. The Derrick Scott Band will perform after the races, vendors will stay open and camping and socializing is encouraged for fans and race teams. Saturday December 14th will be Feature Finale of the Everglades Winter Nationals 2013 Inaugural Event and the Hendry County Motorsports Park 2013 Points Season. The Track will reopen Saturday March 1st racing the first and third Saturday of each month. Visit www.HendryRacing.com or Hendry Racing on Facebook to get more details for this weekend and the 2014 Season.

Christmas Events – Kids



On Friday December the 6th at 5:00 p.m. and Saturday December the 7th at 1:00 pm Hendry County Motorsports Park will kickoff two big weekends for the kids and race fans alike. There will be a bounce house and a 22′ slide, Smokey the Bear and Santa Claus himself will make a visit to the Speedway on Saturday afternoon from 3:00 pm until 5:00. Pictures will be taken and all kids 12 and under will be admitted absolutely free. The two weekend event will also feature the Everglades Dirt Car Winter Nationals with over $20,000 on the line the first weekend for drivers coming from all over the Southeast United States. Featured the first weekend will be Street Stocks, Thunder Stocks, Modified Mini Stocks, Open Wheel Modifieds and the Limited Late Models. All adult tickets for the race will be $12.00 per night with children 12 and under admitted absolutely free. There will be all types of food and drink on hand and the cleanest fun you can have in the dirt. The Speedway will also be collecting non perishable food items and toys as part of the Salvation Army’s annual food drive for needy families at Christmas. There will also be a bon-fire after the races and camping for $25.00 will be allowed. The speedway is located on US 27 1 mile north of the intersection of US 27 and Hwy 80. For more information call 863-983-3478, go to http://www.hendryracing.com/ or visit ‘Hendry Racing’ on Facebook, and remember racing will begin at 7:30 pm on Friday and 6:30 pm on Saturday.

Results November 16, 2013

Wayne Hilderbrand wins twice in one night, winning the Open Wheel Modified Feature and the Kim Allen Memorial Trophy Dash.
Scotty Kay Jr holds off Trent Wilson to win the Street Stock Feature.
Thomas Scott wins the Limited Late Model Feature after missing the heat race.
Larry Thacker Jr holds off a late race challenge from Shawn Reiss in his new Modified Mini Stock.
Tommy Hill found a way around Dennis Walker to win the Thunder Stock Feature, again.
Clewiston, 11-16-13; The mid day light rains and the steady winds kept some fans and competitors away, but it helped make the track perfect for racing. After the heat races and intermission the V-8 Thunder Stocks ran their Trophy Dash, Steve Colon took home another trophy in his 1X car as a nervous dad Jon Basquin watched his 14 year old daughter Robin racing in his blue #67.
 The Open Wheel Modifieds were next and running this week without their friends in the Limited Late Models, Bob Regula started on the pole but Wayne Hilderbrand wasted no time going to the lead. Robert Vaughn and Mark Thompson each got their turn trying to catch Wayne while Regula eventually made it back to second place. Mark Thompson finished third with his full beard still intact, he said he isn’t shaving it until he wins.
 The Limited Late Models have Don Sniff on the pole and Alan Fornella on the outside, Thomas Scott started in the rear after missing his heat race. Scott in his #61 ran a few practice laps at intermission with the couple Late Models testing, the #61 seemed to be fixed. Don Sniff took off to the early lead in his #61 as Alan Fornella, Lonnis Byassee and Chris Broedell gave chase. Thomas Scott made it to the rear bumper of the #10 and took ten laps to find his opportunity to take the lead.that he never gave up. Sniff was second and Chris Broedell finished third.
  Scotty Kay Jr in his bright orange #21 and Trent Wilson driving the white #26 brought the field to the green in the Street Stock feature, Ron Regula and Todd Ansel followed in row two. Scotty Kay took the early lead and never gave Trent a chance to see anything but his rear bumper. Rick Osteen got around Todd Ansel four fourth place as Ron Regula held firmly to third place. Rich Cordis brought out his newly rebuilt #27 car for the first time and Tommy Hill watched his 1H car being driven by longtime friend Dwight Bowers. Scotty Kay Jr. took home the win with Trent Wilson second and Ron Regula third.
 The V-8 Thunder Stocks lined up for their feature with Dennis Walker in his white #34 and Bruce Basham in his black #39 in the first row, second row was Tommy Hill in the 5H and Adam Powell in the red #4. Ken Campbell and Kevin Cassaday were in row three planing their strategy to get further up in the field. Dennis Walker lead the early laps until the black #5H of Tommy Hill nudged his way around, Walker held on for second as the #80 of Kevin Cassaday tested the strength of his front bumper and Walkers rear bumper, both bumpers held up but Walker got put to the back for stopping on the track even though he didn’t spin. Cassaday said later that he didn’t mean to drill the #34 car and it was lucky Dennis saved it. Tommy Hill checked out as Bruce Basham and Jon Basquin worked their way up to second and third place where they finished.
 The challenge was laid out to anyone in any class to run a Trophy Dash for the Kim Allen Memorial trophy, Del Powell in his Late Model started on the outside of Chris Broedells Limited Late Model and right behind them was the Open Wheel Modifieds of Bob Regula and Wayne Hilderbrand. The Trophy sat on the steps of the starters stand waiting for its new owner. Hilderbrand and Regula jumped out front and after a few laps with the #99 out front Regula in the #5 tried the outside, tried the inside and then tried to drive right through the #99, that move didn’t work out well and Hilderbrand got his spot back and Regula went to the rear. Del Powell in his #14 Late Model was all over the back of Hilderbrands Modified for the next six laps but never found a way around him. The trophy gets to go home with Wayne but it might have to share shelf space with the other trophy the #99 car earned tonight.
 Shawn reiss brought out his new Modified Mini Stock in a effort to de-throne Larry Thacker Jr from the winners circle. He was close but mechanical gremlins got him with four laps to go, Mark Thompson and Scott Thompson were their to give chase but even after a late race restart Mark could not catch the little #00 of Larry Thacker Jr.
  The track was in awesome shape and if we can keep it that nice for the Everglades Winter Nationals their will be a lot of happy racers and race fans. The excitement is building for all the activities and competition planned for the first two weekends of December. Stay informed at www.Hendryracing.com or Hendry Racing on Facebook.
Hendry County Motorsports Park Race Results
Race Date:  11/16/2013Class  Kim Allen Open Class Trophy Dash
Pos. Car # Drivers Name1 99 Wayne Hiderbrand
2 5 Bob Regula
3 02 Chris Broedell
4 14 Del Powell

Class  V-8 Thunder Stocks Trophy Dash
Pos. Car # Drivers Name

1 1X Steve Colon
2 1 Tom Murray
3 5R David Rose
4 67 Robin Basquin

Class  Street Stocks
Pos. Car # Drivers Name

1 21 Scotty Kay Jr
2 26 Trent Wilson
3 3 Ron Regula
4 7R Rick Osteen
5 22 Todd Ansel
6 27 Rich Cordis
7 1H Dwight Bowers
8 60 Wayne Flick

Class  V-8 Thunder Stocks
Pos. Car # Drivers Name

1 5H Tommy Hill
2 39 Bruce Basham
3 67 Jon Basquin
4 80 Kevin Cassady
5 1 Tom Murray
6 34 Dennis Walker
7 4 Adam Powell
8 1X Steve Colon
9 72 Ken Campbell
10 5R David Rose

Class  Limited Late Models
Pos. Car # Drivers Name

1 61 Thomas Scott
2 10 Don Sniff
3 02 Chris Broedell
4 59 Alan Fornella
5 01 Lonnie Byassee
6 15 John Bledsoe

Class  Open Wheel Modifieds
Pos. Car # Drivers Name

1 99 Wayne Hilderbrand
2 5 Bob Regula
3 28 Mark Thompson
5 32 Robert Vaughn
6 50 Ken Murphy

Class  Modified Mini Stocks
Pos. Car # Drivers Name1 00 Larry Thacker Jr
2 28 Mark Thompson
3 17 Scott Thompson
4 21 Shawn Reiss

Results November 2, 2013


Brian Morgan Wins Street Stock Feature.
Steve Colon wins Trophy Dash in his new car.
Tommy Hill finds Victory Lane when the money was on the line.
Bob Regula dominates in his Open Wheel Modified.
Larry Thacker Jr. adds to his points lead.
Tyler Godwin wins The Eagle Jet Top Gun Sprint feature.
  The weather was perfect, the track was smooth and fast and the Sprint Cars were in town. The stands were busy, the playground was filled with kids and the pits had lots of cars and haulers lined up in it. The peanuts were boiling, the pizza and burgers were cooking and the ice was doing it’s job keeping the beer and soda cold, it must be Saturday Night!
  After the intermission Meet and Greet with the Sprint Car Drivers and teams the V-8 Thunder Stock Trophy Dash was won by Steve Colon who brought his new car out for the first time since destroying the old one several races ago.
  The Street Stocks were eager to do battle early on the schedule this week and Brian Morgan showed up ready to battle. Steve Jones started on the pole after winning his heat race and Tommy Hill was on the outside of that front row. Todd Ansel and Brian Morgan shared row two. Tommy Hill took the early lead but Brian Morgan wasted no time and drove right by him on the second lap. Scotty Kay Jr. and David McCormack came from the middle of the fourteen car field to third and fourth in just three laps. Ron Regula, Rick Osteen, Nick Osborne and a few others tried to work their way up into the top four but at the end it was Morgan, Hill, Kay jr. and McCormack with Regula rounding out the top five.
 The Eagle Jet Top Gun Sprints had several races within a race and young Rebecca George had several new fans in the stands. Tyler Godwin found the fast way around the Everglades Clay and took home the first big check and big trophy for the Sprint Cars. Top Gun will post all the official points and awards with pictures from the night.
 The Open Wheel Modifieds and the Limited Late Models got to square off against each other again in a very exciting race behind Ron Regula. Wayne Hiderbrand and John Bledsoe started up front with Jason Intoppa and Regula right behind them, Regula went under Bledsoe on the start and the two modifieds of Regula and Intoppa took off. Don Sniff worked his way up to the top three by lap fifteen and Scott Thompson in his brothers #28 was lurking around the podium as well. Ron Regula lead 19 of the 20 laps to add to his points lead in the Open Wheel Division. Don Sniff backed up his two wins with a strong second place finish and Scott Thompson brought home a well deserved third place.
 The V-8 Thunder Stocks brought their cars out to the front straight for driver introductions before they ran for the $500 dollars and the big trophy. The crowd cheered as the motors restarted and the #6 of Nick Osborne and #5R of Derik Rose paced the thirteen car field to the green, veterans Gary Champion and Tommy Hill took up the second row behind the two newer drivers. Row three was Don Faligno and Marco Reyes in their matching Paul Bange Roofing sponsored Thunder Stocks. Derik Rose took the lead on lap one but Tommy Hill took it away by lap two, Rose followed closely until the fan belts came off the motor and ended his night. Gary Champion and Kevin Cassaday worked their way up to the top three and started to run down the #1H and with five to go Kevin took the black #80 to second place around Gary Champions #23, Cody Allen and Phil Peterson rounded out the top five.
 Larry Thacker Jr added to his points lead by beating Shawn Reiss in the Modified Mini Stock Race. The little #00 is getting very used to finishing up front.
 The next event at Hendry County Motorsports Park is November 16th, and then the Everglades Winter Nationals on December 6th, 7th, 14th, and 15th. We are looking for a great finish to a season of great racing.
    Hendry County Motorsports Park Race Results
Race Date:  10/19/2013

Class  V-8 Thunder Stocks Trophy Dash
Pos. Car # Drivers Name

1  1X    Steve Colon
2  98X  Don Faligno
3  72    Ken Campbell
4  75+  Tom Alley
5  81    James Dellea

Class  Street Stocks
Pos. Car # Drivers Name

1   9L   Brian Morgan
2   1H  Tommy Hill
3   21   Scotty Kay Jr
4   26   David McCormack
5   3     Ron Regula
6   7R  Rick Osteen
7   19  Charlie Paschal
8   40  Danny Esposito
9   60  Wayne Flick
10  6   Nick Osborne
11  80 Richard Nelson
12  22 Todd Ansel
13  14 Del Powell
14  13 Steve Jones

Class  V-8 Thunder Stocks
Pos. Car # Drivers Name

1   5H   Tommy Hill
2   80    Kevin Cassady
3   23    Gary Champion
4   98    Cody Allen
5   88    Phil Peterson
6   1X    Steve Colon
7   93    Marco Reyes
8   72    Ken Campbell
9   6      Nick Osborne
10 5R    Derik Rose
11 98X  Don Faligno
12 75+ Tom Alley
13 81   James Dellea

Class  Limited Late Models/Open Wheel Modifieds
Pos. Car # Drivers Name

1   5    Bob Regula
2  10   Don Sniff
3   28   Scott Thompson
5   18   Jason Intoppa
6   15   John Bledsoe
7   50   Ken Murphy
8   59   Allan Fornella
9   99   Wayne Hilderbrand

Class  Modified Mini Stocks
Pos. Car # Drivers Name

1   00   Larry Thacker Sr (sub)
2   10   Shawn Reiss

Everglades Winter Nationals 2013

HCMP EWN Week 21

Press Release, Clewiston FL – Hendry County Motorsports Park is pleased to announce the dates for the inaugural Everglades Winter Nationals. This multi-day multi-weekend event will be held Friday-Saturday December 6th & 7th AND Saturday-Sunday December 14th & 15th.
The first weekend of racing will feature the Street Stocks and the V-8 Thunder Stocks both racing 50 lap features for $3000 to Win! Both divisions will also be racing for sponsored lap money and contingency awards.
The second weekend of racing will feature the Eagle Jet Top Gun Sprint cars, other open wheel feature events and will be the final points races for the local classes.
Both weekends of racing will have before race activities for the kids, intermission holiday activities for the family and after race parties for the fans and participants.
Local area sponsors and local resorts will be offering specials and discounts to those in town for the Everglades Winter Nationals. For more details stay in touch at www.HendryRacing.com



1) $3000
2) $1000
3) $600
4) $425
5) $350
6) $300
7) $225
8) $200
9) $170
10) $160
11) $140
12) $140
13) $140
14) $140
15) $130
16) $130
17) $130
18) $130
19) $130
20) $130
21) $130
22) $130
23) $130
24) $130

Results October 19, 2013

DK Winner1

Derik Rose wins his first V-8 Thunder Stock Feature!
Don Sniff wins two in a row in his Limited Late Model.
Larry Thacker Sr wins in Modified Mini Stock.
David McCormack wins the Street Stock prize money.

Phil Peterson wins another Trophy Dash….The Limited Late Models and the Open Wheel Modifieds lined up on the front straight in their feature starting order, the fans came out on the track to meet the drivers and see the cars up close, after the Meet and Greet and the drivers introductions the motors fired up and the stands cheered, some with new favorite racers. The fans saw a wild show that took many restarts and many push/tow vehicles to get through. Once everyone settled in the side by side racing was great. Don Sniff took home the $500 by starting up front and never looking back, behind him Bob Regula and Tracy Butler battled as Alan Fornella, John Bledsoe, Mark Thompson, Kenny Hinkle and a few others traded positions every lap.

The V-8 Thunder Stock Trophy Dash was Phil Peterson up front followed by Ken Campbell.

Street Stock came out to determine who got the next $500 prize, David McCormack and Tommy Hill started up front with Nick Osborne and Ron Regula behind them. David McCormack in his WRC #26 held off a charging Ron Regula until the end and claimed the win. Ron was fending off Tommy Hill and Tommy found a way around Ron in turn four of the last lap, Ron got third place followed by Charles Paschal and Rick Osteen.

The Modified Mini Stocks saw Larry Thacker Sr drive the #00 to another victory as a substitute driver for his out of town son in an effort to maintain the slim points lead over Mark Thompson. Shawn Reiss gave chase but couldn’t take the win away from Thacker, Mark Barlow Sr brought the #31 to a podium finish.

The V-8 Thunder Stocks had thirteen cars lined up behind the Black #13 car late in October under an almost full moon, we all new anything could happen. Derrik Heath in the #13 won his heat race his second time ever racing dirt and found himself on the pole for the feature with #39 Bruce Basham outside pole after beating Tommy Hill in their heat race. The two Everglades Farm Equipment/Randy’s Garage cars of 16 year old Derik Rose and track veteran Tommy Hill lined up side by side in row two. Derik Rose in the #5R showed Derrik Heath in the #13 how we start races at a dirt track and had the lead by turn one, the two young drivers paced the field with Jon Basquin looking under the #13 wanting his spot in line. Nick Osborne and Tommy Hill ran two wide but the leaders were getting away, Ron Regula in the #29 got in the mix and Tommy Hill was the victim of bad luck for the first time in months, it must have been that moon. The front wheels on the #5H were now pointing different directions. Derik Rose in the #5R ran a perfect race and held off Jon Basquin for a popular win and drove the checkered flag around the track in his victory celebration. Ron Regula finished third with Gary Champion and Bruce Basham rounding out the top five.

The Eagle Jet Top Gun Sprint Cars are back for our next event November 2nd and stay tuned for other announcements about that race and the two weekend event in December, The Everglades Winter Nationals.

Hendry County Motorsports Park Race Results
Race Date:  10/19/2013Class  V-8 Thunder Stocks Trophy Dash
Pos. Car # Drivers Name1 88 Phil Peterson
2 72 Ken Campbell
3 75 Tom Alley
4 1 Tom Murray
DNS 23 Gary ChampionClass  Street Stocks
Pos. Car # Drivers Name1 26 David McCormack
2 1H Tommy Hill
3 3 Ron Regula
4 19 Charlie Paschal
5 7R Rick Osteen
6 6 Nick Osborne
7 60 Wayne Flick
8 22 John Bentley
9 11 Gary Bobst

Class  V-8 Thunder Stocks
Pos. Car # Drivers Name

1 5R Derik Rose
2 67 Jon Basquin
3 29 Ron Regula
4 23 Gary Champion
5 39 Bruce Basham
6 72 Ken Campbell
7 13 Derrick Heath
8 02 Bret McCammon
9 6 Nick Osborne
10 5H Tommy Hill
11 75 Tom Alley
12 88 Phil Peterson
13 1 Tom Murray

Class  Limited Late Models/Open Wheel Modifieds
Pos. Car # Drivers Name

1 10 Don Sniff
2 5 Bob Regula
3 31 Tracy Butler
4 15 John Bledsoe
5 59 Allan Fornella
6 28 Mark Thompson
7 88 Kenny Hinkle
8 32 Robert Vaughn
9 01Z Lonnie Byassee
10 61 Thomas Scott
11 99 Wayne Hilderbrand
12 50 Ken Murphy

Class  Modified Mini Stocks
Pos. Car # Drivers Name1 00 Larry Thacker Sr (sub)
2 10 Shawn Reiss
3 31 Mark Barlow Sr
4 22 Alan Fornella
5 7 Joe Rice

Spectator Race Rules

Spectator Race Rules
1. All drivers must be at least 18 years of age.
2. All drivers must wear a SNELL approved helmet, gloves and closed shoes.
3. All drivers must wear long pants and long sleeve jacket or Drivers Suit.
4. No Previous or current experienced race car drivers.
5. Driver must have Pit Pass and sign track waivers.
1. Vehicles must be Street Legal with current tag.
2. Cars, Trucks or Vans allowed, two wheel drive only.
3. Vehicles must have working seatbelt and shoulder belt.
4. No loose parts on or in vehicle.
5. Battery must be tied down properly.
6. All four wheel brakes must work.
7. Must pass safety Inspection by track personnel.
8. HCMP reserves the right to not allow vehicle at track discretion.
Race Format;
1. Contestants will race two at a time from a standing start.
2. Elimination and qualifying races will be one lap.
3. Final Race will be two laps from a standing start.
4. Intentional contact will be immediate disqualification.
5. Qualifying process will be determined based on car count.
6. All decisions of HCMP Race Director will be final.
7. All Drivers must attend 6:00pm drivers meeting
For more information or to register early contact info@HendryRacing.com

Results September 21, 2013

Trent Wilson in his Wilson Race Cars Street Stock Dominates the Battle of the ‘Big Lake Boys’.
Tyler Godwin beats Danny Martin to the checkers in the Eagle Jet Top Gun Sprint feature.
Tracy Butler gets his first win in a wild Limited Late Model/Open Wheel Modified race.
Tommy Hill finds his way back to the Winners Circle in a 14 car Thunder Stock field.
Larry Thacker Jr holds off Mark Thompson for another win after a late race restart.

The weather was perfect, the track was awesome, the stands were packed, the parking lot was jammed, the pits were full of new cars and all the regulars were there to defend their reputations, and the Sprint Cars were ready to tame the Everglades Clay.
After Phil Peterson took home the trophy in the Thunder Stock Trophy Dash the Street Stock $800 to win feature took to the track, Trent Wilson and Scotty Kay Jr. started on the front row after winning their heat races. Trent took the lead with David McCormack close behind, Scotty Kay Jr and Tim Arnold followed. Deeper in the 13 car field was Tommy Hill, Rick Osteen, Brian Morgan and Nick Osborne in his new Pep Boys sponsored #6. After two single car cautions Tommy Hill found his way to Trent Wilsons rear bumper, Trent showed Tommy the fast way around for the final caution free eight laps. Scotty Kay Jr traded places several times with David McCormack and finished third. Tim Arnold held off Brian Morgan and Nick Osborne to round out the top five.
Now it was Sprint Car time, the track was fast and the fans all picked their favorite during the Intermission autograph signing session. So many people went out on the track it was a traffic jam getting on and off the track, T-Shirts and coloring books were given out, and lots of pictures were taken. The ground pounding Sprints Cars never fail to impress with the smooth track and all that horsepower. Tyler Godwin had the field under control leading Danny Martin, Gene Lasker, AJ Maddox, Tim George and Tony Agin to the checkers. Shane Kreidler made it up to third but a late race spin ended that run. 17 year old Rebecca George probably signed the most autographs and took the most pictures during intermission and got a lot of new fans.

The Combined Limited Late Models and Open Wheel Modifieds were not about to be outdone and put one the wildest show of the night. Eleven cars took the green and hundreds of fans took to their feet when eight of those eleven spun on the first lap, everybody avoided damage and the race restarted. You could hear the crowd cheering over the sounds of the motors. Wayne Hilderbrand in his modified held off the hard charging Limiteds of Tracy Butler and John Bledsoe for ten intense laps when his motor got hot ending his dominant run. John Bledsoe in his new #15 and Tracy Butler in his well prepared #31 put on a show for the fans, trading places several times as Kenny Hinkle and Mark Thompson followed closely. Tracy Butler took the checkers first and took the winners money back to Key West.

The Thunder Stocks were 14 strong and ready to run, Jon Basquin in his newly painted #67 and Gary Champion in his new #23 paced the field to the green flag followed by Tommy Hill and Steve Colon, Nick Osborne and Derik Rose shared row three. After several three wide laps Tommy Hill and Nick Osborne took to the front. The black #6 of Nick Osborne lost an axle in turn one and Gary Champion and Jon Basquin were left to chase Tommy Hill but never caught him. Robbie Regula and Derik Rose had good runs as Marc Lamont and newcomer Derrik Heath chased them.
Larry Thacker Jr and Mark Thompson continued their on track battle, Larry took off and Mark drove like a mad man on a mission but never caught him, a late race restart gave Mark an opportunity to make something happen but the #00 of Larry Thacker would have none of that and they battled to the checker. Scott Barlow took third.
A big thanks to everyone that came back from the rainout two weeks ago and the huge number of new fans, the buzz is in the air for a great finish to 2013. We will be running the first and third Saturday’s of the month and stay tuned for big announcements about the December Everglades Winter Nationals at Hendry County Motorsports Park


Hendry County Motorsports Park Race Results
Race Date:  9/21/2013

Class  Eagle Jet Top Gun Sprints
Pos. Car # Drivers Name

1 82 Tyler Godwin
2 24 Danny Martin
3 02 Gene Lasker
4 3A AJ Maddox
5 1 Tim George
6 38 Tony Agin
7 7 Kyle Pitts
8 3T Johnnie Alexander
9 21 Rebecca George
10 52 Shane Kreidler
11 80 Bill Giddons

Class  V-8 Thunder Stocks Trophy Dash
Pos. Car # Drivers Name

1 88 Phil Peterson
2 1Jr Dustin Turnage
3 72 Ken Campbell
4 13 Derrik Heath
DNS 02 Bret McCammon
DNS 1 Tom Murray

Class  Street Stocks
Pos. Car # Drivers Name

1 64 Trent Wilson
2 5H Tommy Hill
3 21 Scotty Kay Jr.
4 26 David McCormack
5 98 Tim Arnold
6 9L Brian Morgan
7 6 Nick Osborne
8 7R Rick Osteen
9 19 Charlie Paschal
10 22 John Bentley
11 5 Jeff Bobst
12 40 Danny Esposito
13 11 Gary Bobst

Class  V-8 Thunder Stocks
Pos. Car # Drivers Name

1 5H Tommy Hill
2 67 Jon Basquin
3 23 Gary Champion
4 5R Derik Rose
5 29 Robbie Regula
6 1X Steve Colon
7 2 Marc Lamont
8 1Jr Dustin Turnage
9 13 Derrick Heath
10 72 Ken Campbell
11 6 Nick Osborne
12 88 Phil Peterson
13 1 Tom Murray
14 02 Bret McCammon

Class  Limited Late Models/Open Wheel Modifieds
Pos. Car # Drivers Name

1 31 Tracy Butler
2 28 Mark Thompson
3 15 John Bledsoe
4 71 Harold Brokaw
5 01Z Lonnie Byassee
6 02 Chris Broedell
7 99 Wayne Hilderbrand
8 59 Allan Fornella
9 5 Bob Regula
10 50 Ken Murphy
10 88 Kenny Hinkle

Class  Modified Mini Stocks
Pos. Car # Drivers Name

1 00 Larry Thacker Jr
2 28 Mark Thompson
3 31 Scott Barlow
4 22 Renee Fornella
5 33 Mark Barlow Jr

Results May 19, 2013

John Wilson wins one for the Scott family and dedicates his win to the memory of Hank Scott.
Glenn Bidwell Jr. wins the $500 prize and the big trophy in the 30 Lap Modified Mini Stock Feature.
Tommy Hill gets a gift from David McCormack in …the last few laps of the Street Stock Feature.

5-18-2013 Clewiston, FL – The Modified Mini Stocks had their night to run for the $500 prize with 30 laps of racing on the Everglades Clay. This week the track was much better than the last several rain-affected weeks and the racing was exciting and very competitive. Driver introductions on the front straight gave the fans an opportunity to meet the drivers and see the cars close up. Once the green flag dropped it was Mark Barlow in the #31 car showing the fans he had figured out his new car and liked the view up front, Glen Bidwell Jr in his #26 car wanted that same view and fought hard for it. Glen and Mark traded the lead multiple times for the first ten laps as Larry Thacker Jr, Mark Thompson and Scott Thompson ran two and three wide behind them. Billy Howard lost power early on and Thacker Jr broke a rear end. By lap 17 Mark Thompson decided it was his turn to lead the race and four laps later broke a tie rod in his #28 Pinto while holding off Bidwell and Barlow. The #26 of Bidwell barely hung on to win with the #31 of Mark Barlow and the #32 of Billy Evans rounding out the top three.

The Limited Late Models and the Open Wheel Modifieds put on a great show but John Wilson in his Wilson Race Cars #64 did not get to see any of the excitement, he was too far out front. The modifieds of Wayne Hilderbrand, Scott Thompson and Bob Regula dueled on the slick, fast track behind John but had nothing for the #64 that was on a mission to win the race he wanted to dedicate to Hank Scott and the whole Scott family. It was fitting that after a day of services, family members made it to the race track. Hank would have approved and he was on the mind of everyone that knew him. Don Sniff worked his way past the battling modifieds and took home a podium finish in his #10 Limited right behind the #5 of Bob Regula.

Street Stocks started the feature races with David McCormack in his Wilson Race Cars #26 on the pole, David was enjoying the improved racing surface and appeared to be unstoppable. Tommy Hill, Brian Morgan, Gary Champion and Rick Osteen gave chase in their own battle for the runner up position. Tommy Hill was holding off Gary Champion convincing himself second place was probably ok when on lap 18 the flames shot out of the exhaust of the flying #26 car and handing Tommy a gift win. David coasted slowly into the infield wishing this week was only a fifteen lap feature. Gary Champion got second place honors followed by Rick Osteen and Brian Morgan.

It was an early night with no Thunder Stocks racing since last weeks big race took it’s toll on a lot of equipment in a very physical battle on a rough surface. We look forward to seeing who can make it back for the last two races of the first half before the summer break.

Next week is a much needed break for the track, the crew and the race teams. The next race is June 1st with the ground pounding Eagle Jet Top Gun Sprint Cars and the always exciting Gene Lasker promoting the message of Autism Awareness. Keep your eye out for promotional activities in the next two weeks and plan to make it out to the track for a great show.

See you there Saturday June 1st, and don’t forget to bring a friend.


Hendry County Motorsports Park Results
Class  Limited Late Model/Open Wheel Modified
Car#   Driver
64    John Wilson
5     Bob Regula
10    Don Sniff
99    Wayne Hilderbrand
17    Scott Thompson
88    Kenny Hinkle
59    Alan Fornella
Class  Street Stock
Car#  Driver
1H    Tommy Hill
23    Gary Champion
7R    Rick Osteen
9     Brian Morgan
60    Wayne Flick
13    Steve Jones
1X    *Steve Colon
26    David McCormack
11    Gary Bobst
Class  Modified Mini Stocks
30 Lap $500 to Win Feature
Car#   Driver
26    Glenn Bidwell Jr.
31    Mark Barlow
32    Billy Evans
17    Scott Thompson
00    Larry Thacker Jr.
28    Mark Thompson
47    Billy Howard

Results May 11, 2013

Brandon Elwood comes in from out of town and sets fast time in Thunder Stock qualifying.
J.R. Fitch wins Trophy Dash to set feature starting order.
Chase Cabre wins another exciting Mini Sprint race.
Larry Thacker Jr. wins again in Modified Mini Stocks.
Bob Regula survives to Win one for the Open Wheel Brigade.
Tommy Hill is back to winning form with victories in both Street Stock and the Thunder …Stock 30 Lap $600 to win Event.

5-11-2013, Clewiston FL – Another night on the tough to tame, rain bombarded Everglades Clay provided some great action for the fans and some great challenges for race drivers, but if dirt track racing was easy, everyone would be doing it. The changing conditions have always been the great equalizer bringing the real race driver back into the equation, if we wanted something easier we could race on asphalt (that statement probably ruffled a few feathers).

With that subject out of the way, what a fantastic night of racing, the pass by Eddie Moss barreling into turn one early in the Mini Sprint Feature was breathtaking. Most people watching looked at the person beside them and said “OMG, did you see that?”, the Mini Sprints never fail to impress. The fireworks in the infield and the wheelies on the front staightaway before the three wide salute to the fans set the stage for a race where drivers had to decide between the rough low line near the unforgiving tires or the smoother high line. Chase Cabre figured it out and never looked back. Once again the Florida Mini Sprints showed us why they are a sought after and growing series as well as a great group of racers.

The V-8 Thunder Stocks had their make-up event from last months rain-out. The different format included single car qualifying and a Trophy Dash that set the final Feature line-up. Brandon Elwood showed up for the first time this year and showed the other cars the fast way around with an impressive 18.25 second lap, the next three cars of Jon Basquin, Jesse Brown and Tommy Hill were separated by only 7/100ths of a second. Nick Osborne locked in his feature starting position right behind the three experienced drivers. J.R. Fitch won the Trophy Dash and earned a starting spot in the 30 lap Feature beside Nick. The racing was fast and clean as Jon Basquin took the lead early and held off the battling Jesse Brown and Tommy Hill. Nick Osborne and Brandon Elwood got to know each other well as two separate racing incidents between them ended both their nights. Tommy Hill found his way to the front and the charging J.R. Fitch snuck by Jon Basquin on lap 25 to finish second, Jon Basquin, Kevin Cassady and Robbie Regula rounded out the top five.

The Modified Mini Stocks race was dominated by the Thacker Racing team and the impressive drive by Larry Thacker Jr., Mark Thompson was driving the wheels off his Ford Pinto trying to run down the little Toyota and Mark Barlow stayed right in there waiting for his turn to lead the race which he did on lap 8 but only for a lap as Thacker took them the rest of the way to the finish, Barlow finished second, Thompson was third.

Street Stocks started the race with David McCormack up front after he won his heat race but Tommy Hill and Tim Arnold wanted the clear view from up front as well. The familiar 1H brought them all the way to the checkers as Tim Arnold and Rick Osteen gave chase.

The combined Open Wheel Modified/Limited Late Model race finished off the night with another exciting race, John Bledsoe led the first 15 laps with a strong group of Modifieds, Wayne Hilderbrand, Robert Vaughn, Ken Murphy, Bob Regula and Scott Thompson following. Lap sixteen was exciting as Robert Vaughn grenaded a brand new motor down the back straight at about the same time Bledsoes’ axle and rear wheel left him. Scott Thompson provided some excitement committing to the smoother but slicker high line as Wayne Hilderbrand followed Bob Regula to the checkered flag.

Next week the Modified Mini Stocks take the main stage with their 30 lap $500 to win event, the Powder Puff race and the local points battles continue. See you there and don’t forget to bring a friend. May 25th is a night off and June 1st the Top Gun Sprint Cars are back. June 8th wraps up the first half of the season before the summer break with the Street Stocks racing for a nice payday and a big trophy.

Hendry County Motorsports Park Results
Race Date 5-11-13
Class Florida Mini Sprints
Pos. Car#  Driver
1   39  Chase Cabre
2   116 Nicholas Snyder
3   7   Gavin Thomas
4   68  Dirk Miller
5   67  David Hall
6   04  Paige Moss
7   8   Eddie Moss Jr.
8   29  Connor Borah
9   30  Johnny Crowder
10  23D Dylan Colding
11  71  Austin Craddock
12  243 Bob Toney
13  35  Robert Snyder
14  99  Rich Hagen
15  23  Rhea Lynne Moss
16  18  Jody McKenzie
note: Eddie Moss Sr. #1M DNS
Class Thunder Stock Trophy Dash
Car#  Driver
9    J.R. Fitch
1    Robbie Regula
80   Kevin Cassaday
1X   Steve Colon
72   Ken Campbell
Class Street Stocks
Car#  Driver
1H   Tommy Hill
98   Tim Arnold
7R   Rick Osteen
22   Todd Ansel
26   David McCormack
Class  Open Wheel Modified/Limited Late Model
Car#  Driver
5    Bob Regula
99   Wayne Hilderbrand
17   Scott Thompson
88   Kenny Hinkle
59   Alan Fornella
15   John Bledsoe
31V  Robert Vaughn
50   Ken Murphy
31B  Tracy Butler
Class V-8 Thunder Stock
      30 Lap Feaure Event
Car#  Driver
5H   Tommy Hill
9    J.R. Fitch
5R   Jon Basquin
80   Kevin Cassaday
1    Robbie Regula
1x   Steve Colon
75   Jesse brown
72   Ken Campbell
6    Nick Osborne
28   Brandon Elwood
Class  Modified Mini Stocks
Car#   Driver
00   Larry Thacker Jr.
31   Mark Barlow
28   Mark Thompson
17   Scott Thompson
32   Billy Evans