February 20, 2018

Results May 11, 2013

Brandon Elwood comes in from out of town and sets fast time in Thunder Stock qualifying.
J.R. Fitch wins Trophy Dash to set feature starting order.
Chase Cabre wins another exciting Mini Sprint race.
Larry Thacker Jr. wins again in Modified Mini Stocks.
Bob Regula survives to Win one for the Open Wheel Brigade.
Tommy Hill is back to winning form with victories in both Street Stock and the Thunder …Stock 30 Lap $600 to win Event.

5-11-2013, Clewiston FL – Another night on the tough to tame, rain bombarded Everglades Clay provided some great action for the fans and some great challenges for race drivers, but if dirt track racing was easy, everyone would be doing it. The changing conditions have always been the great equalizer bringing the real race driver back into the equation, if we wanted something easier we could race on asphalt (that statement probably ruffled a few feathers).

With that subject out of the way, what a fantastic night of racing, the pass by Eddie Moss barreling into turn one early in the Mini Sprint Feature was breathtaking. Most people watching looked at the person beside them and said “OMG, did you see that?”, the Mini Sprints never fail to impress. The fireworks in the infield and the wheelies on the front staightaway before the three wide salute to the fans set the stage for a race where drivers had to decide between the rough low line near the unforgiving tires or the smoother high line. Chase Cabre figured it out and never looked back. Once again the Florida Mini Sprints showed us why they are a sought after and growing series as well as a great group of racers.

The V-8 Thunder Stocks had their make-up event from last months rain-out. The different format included single car qualifying and a Trophy Dash that set the final Feature line-up. Brandon Elwood showed up for the first time this year and showed the other cars the fast way around with an impressive 18.25 second lap, the next three cars of Jon Basquin, Jesse Brown and Tommy Hill were separated by only 7/100ths of a second. Nick Osborne locked in his feature starting position right behind the three experienced drivers. J.R. Fitch won the Trophy Dash and earned a starting spot in the 30 lap Feature beside Nick. The racing was fast and clean as Jon Basquin took the lead early and held off the battling Jesse Brown and Tommy Hill. Nick Osborne and Brandon Elwood got to know each other well as two separate racing incidents between them ended both their nights. Tommy Hill found his way to the front and the charging J.R. Fitch snuck by Jon Basquin on lap 25 to finish second, Jon Basquin, Kevin Cassady and Robbie Regula rounded out the top five.

The Modified Mini Stocks race was dominated by the Thacker Racing team and the impressive drive by Larry Thacker Jr., Mark Thompson was driving the wheels off his Ford Pinto trying to run down the little Toyota and Mark Barlow stayed right in there waiting for his turn to lead the race which he did on lap 8 but only for a lap as Thacker took them the rest of the way to the finish, Barlow finished second, Thompson was third.

Street Stocks started the race with David McCormack up front after he won his heat race but Tommy Hill and Tim Arnold wanted the clear view from up front as well. The familiar 1H brought them all the way to the checkers as Tim Arnold and Rick Osteen gave chase.

The combined Open Wheel Modified/Limited Late Model race finished off the night with another exciting race, John Bledsoe led the first 15 laps with a strong group of Modifieds, Wayne Hilderbrand, Robert Vaughn, Ken Murphy, Bob Regula and Scott Thompson following. Lap sixteen was exciting as Robert Vaughn grenaded a brand new motor down the back straight at about the same time Bledsoes’ axle and rear wheel left him. Scott Thompson provided some excitement committing to the smoother but slicker high line as Wayne Hilderbrand followed Bob Regula to the checkered flag.

Next week the Modified Mini Stocks take the main stage with their 30 lap $500 to win event, the Powder Puff race and the local points battles continue. See you there and don’t forget to bring a friend. May 25th is a night off and June 1st the Top Gun Sprint Cars are back. June 8th wraps up the first half of the season before the summer break with the Street Stocks racing for a nice payday and a big trophy.

Hendry County Motorsports Park Results
Race Date 5-11-13
Class Florida Mini Sprints
Pos. Car#  Driver
1   39  Chase Cabre
2   116 Nicholas Snyder
3   7   Gavin Thomas
4   68  Dirk Miller
5   67  David Hall
6   04  Paige Moss
7   8   Eddie Moss Jr.
8   29  Connor Borah
9   30  Johnny Crowder
10  23D Dylan Colding
11  71  Austin Craddock
12  243 Bob Toney
13  35  Robert Snyder
14  99  Rich Hagen
15  23  Rhea Lynne Moss
16  18  Jody McKenzie
note: Eddie Moss Sr. #1M DNS
Class Thunder Stock Trophy Dash
Car#  Driver
9    J.R. Fitch
1    Robbie Regula
80   Kevin Cassaday
1X   Steve Colon
72   Ken Campbell
Class Street Stocks
Car#  Driver
1H   Tommy Hill
98   Tim Arnold
7R   Rick Osteen
22   Todd Ansel
26   David McCormack
Class  Open Wheel Modified/Limited Late Model
Car#  Driver
5    Bob Regula
99   Wayne Hilderbrand
17   Scott Thompson
88   Kenny Hinkle
59   Alan Fornella
15   John Bledsoe
31V  Robert Vaughn
50   Ken Murphy
31B  Tracy Butler
Class V-8 Thunder Stock
      30 Lap Feaure Event
Car#  Driver
5H   Tommy Hill
9    J.R. Fitch
5R   Jon Basquin
80   Kevin Cassaday
1    Robbie Regula
1x   Steve Colon
75   Jesse brown
72   Ken Campbell
6    Nick Osborne
28   Brandon Elwood
Class  Modified Mini Stocks
Car#   Driver
00   Larry Thacker Jr.
31   Mark Barlow
28   Mark Thompson
17   Scott Thompson
32   Billy Evans