February 20, 2018

Demolition Derby Rules

Hendry County Motorsports Park 2016 Demolition Derby Rules:


Any car, minivan, small truck or subcompact/compact can be run.

No 4 x 4’s or full-size trucks or vans.

Bumper height must be 15 inches.


Vehicles must be stripped of all glass, plastic and carpet.



Battery located on passenger seat side mounted on the floor. Battery box

All vehicles must have working driver seat belt.

Screen/mesh or bars, rods over windshield. To prevent objects from flying into cab.

Protection bar behind driver seat from door-to-door is mandatory on all vehicles.

Roll cages are optional but can only consist of. Two parallel bars behind seat from post-to post. Post from – two vertical bars can only touch frame at two places no cage or bar should be doing any hitting or getting any impact.

Make sure all bars are kept in vehicle.

7 inch hole on each hood for fires.

Gas tank behind driver seat unless it is in front of the rear axles and in stock position. Most fwd vehicles do not need the tank moved.

All sharp edges should be cut or beaten-down.

In cab all loose items including wires, hoses and any other loose items should be tied up and out-of-the-way.

Bar welded between driver and his door.



Any tire is allowed.  Double stuffing ok. No chains. Tires must be mounted on a stock rim.



Suspension can be raised or lowered by cutting springs or shackling in rear.

The front can be lifted by any method as long as it’s safe and does not interfere with anything but ride height.



Stock bumper of any vehicle, no homemade bumpers, no welded bumpers 10 inches of weld to bumper max.

Bumpers can be welded from 4 x 4 circular or square bars not to exceed 10 inches.



Any pre-denting and welding on body is okay. Seams can be welded with 2 inch of added metal for closing doors.

Cars can be trunked.

Rear bumper is optional.

Hoods can be tack welded down with no more than 50% inner to outer skin or they can be screwed down.

4 bolts from frame through hood allowed in front or can be wired together.

2 bolts allowed in rear trunk area.



Frames must be to rules or you will be disqualified or have the option to cut your frame on site.



Rear can be notched or cut.  2 cuts or notches on each side. No plates except the rear humps.

You can plate or bridge the gap so you’re rear gap does not collapse after one hit.

2 threaded rods are allowed to come up from frame through the trunk and bolted down.

Other option is to drill holes and wired together.



Front frame can be seam welded no plating, no metal added.

Front bumpers can be hard-nosed or 3 inch circular pipe between bumper and frame.

Tilting is ok.

Threaded rod is to be of no help or interference with anything other than holding the bolt that pulls the hood down.




Number must be a contrasting color. Number mounted on the roof is okay.



One battery per vehicle, any size is okay.



Rules are set up to have a demo derby with cars that are easy to build and competitive to run, but are also safe.


Rules as of 9-25-2014

Rules are subject to change and/or clarification