October 23, 2014

EVAC Ambulance on site

Eagle Jet Top Gun Sprints would like to thank Rick Gabor with Eagle Jet International for making possible to now have a fully equipped and staffed Advance Life Support, State Licensed EVAC Ambulance at every Eagle Jet Top Gun Sprint race in 2014.The Standby ambulance will be committed to cover each night’s races.
Mr. Gabor and the series felt the need to have the EVAC Ambulance on site for each race event was long overdue, but truly hope that this service will never be needed to be used.
We encourage you to stop by and introduce yourselves to the various private and county ambulance crews that will be joining our Eagle Jet Top Gun series every night we race.

Spectator Race Rules

Spectator Race Rules
1. All drivers must be at least 18 years of age.
2. All drivers must wear a SNELL approved helmet, gloves and closed shoes.
3. All drivers must wear long pants and long sleeve jacket or Drivers Suit.
4. No Previous or current experienced race car drivers.
5. Driver must have Pit Pass and sign track waivers.
1. Vehicles must be Street Legal with current tag.
2. Cars, Trucks or Vans allowed, two wheel drive only.
3. Vehicles must have working seatbelt and shoulder belt.
4. No loose parts on or in vehicle.
5. Battery must be tied down properly.
6. All four wheel brakes must work.
7. Must pass safety Inspection by track personnel.
8. HCMP reserves the right to not allow vehicle at track discretion.
Race Format;
1. Contestants will race two at a time from a standing start.
2. Elimination and qualifying races will be one lap.
3. Final Race will be two laps from a standing start.
4. Intentional contact will be immediate disqualification.
5. Qualifying process will be determined based on car count.
6. All decisions of HCMP Race Director will be final.
7. All Drivers must attend 6:00pm drivers meeting
For more information or to register early contact info@HendryRacing.com