March 28, 2015

Strictly Stocks

2014 Hendry County Motorsports Park
Strictly Stock Division Rules:


There are no protests allowed in this class!!


Can be 8, 6 or 4 cylinder. Must be full sized, rear wheel drive only, Foreign or Domestic made, car or truck. No gutting, chopping, torching or cutting of any kind. If this has been done prior to car being purchased or raced, management reserves the right to add weight and determine location of said weight. Rear wheel drive independent suspension must have 0 camber.

Roll Cage:

Four (4) point is mandatory for driver safety. Front down bars optional.


Completely stock engine for that year, make, model. Stock carburetor; NO special ordered cars; NO high performance parts; NO boring; NO tinkering with the engine. Heads: OEM, stock, open chamber only for motor used in that year, make, and model. Cars with motors not matching will be handicapped on a car by car basis. Fuel injected electric fuel pump o.k., must be with stock engine. All readings must conform to manufacturers’ specifications for year, make, model, I.E. vacuum, compression, etc. Maximum compression 165 lbs. for all engines. Minimum 16 inches of vacuum at 950 rpm. General Motors maximum cubic inches 350, Ford 351, Mopar 360. Nothing larger.



Must be stock OEM, unmodified, if a car or truck only came with an automatic transmission this is how it must remain.


Stock, OEM, rear end for that year, make and model. Cannot be welded or locked. NO POSITRACTION.

Fuel Cell/Fuel:

Stock gas tank in stock location. Fuel cell optional if mounted inside trunk; cannot gut trunk to accommodate. Must be placed inside steel case with 2 steel straps securely strapped to floor of trunk. NO fuel additives. Mandatory fuel shut off if not factory installed; mounted within reach of Driver, Safety Crew/Tech Officials. Fuel cell highly recommended.

Wheels & Tires:

All tires must be the same size. All four (4) must either be 14” or 15”; 65/70/75/78/80 DOT Series passenger tires only- no exceptions. NO TRUCK OR TRAILER TIRES. No truing or soaking. NO retread tires.


Stock, steel OEM. No aluminum.


Stock, OEM suspension. No modifications of any kind. Caster/Camber may be adjusted using stock OEM hardware.



Battery may be relocated and must be safely secured. Battery disconnect switch MANDATORY, mounted within reach of Driver, Safety/Tech Officials.


All four (4) brakes must be in working order all the time.


Fully charged fire extinguisher mounted within reach of driver, Track Safety Crew/Tech Officials. All required safety equipment and apparel must be in use while the car is on the track. Racing helmet with Snell 95 rating. Neck brace or hans device recommended. Fire suite with SFI minimum rating “1”. No holes or torn fire suited allowed. Fire resistant gloves, shoes, and socks must be worn at all times when car is on track.


Remove all air bags, glass, trailer hitches and flammables. Doors must be welded shut. All hoods MUST have hood pins; remove latches. Hood hinges must remain in stock location. Trunk MUST have hood pins; remove latch. All body sheet metal must be kept in place at all times. NO sheet metal screws, use POP RIVETS ONLY.

Car Numbers:

1 or 2 digits only. No letters.



The Track Management reserves the right to add or delete rules at their discretion to improve the racing. Their decision is final in all cases.

Any driver participating in another division is not eligible to compete in this division for the night. Should a driver be deemed by management to be too experienced or dominant, management reserves the right to have driver move up to a more advanced division. If you have any questions or Rule interpretations, please contact HCMP Tech before you do anything.














HCMP 6-6-2014 Rules Subject to be updated