November 28, 2015

Late Model – Sportsman

Late Model – Sportsman




 1. CARS

  • Any American manufactured car is eligible for competition with the following exceptions.
    • Any cars categorized or classified as sports cars or subcompact, trucks and vans are ineligible.
  • All cars must be stock.(except where specified).


  • Late model bodies optional with 12” maximum spoiler. Lexan or metal ok.
  • All bodies must remain stock appearing.
  • Wheel wells may be cut for minimum tire clearance only.
  • After market steel and/or aluminum bodies may be used and must remain stock appearing.
  • NO fiberglass bodies allowed. Fiberglass roof and hood are allowed. Must be able to prove that these items meet fire retardant standards.
  • Stock type nosepieces are optional.
  • No rub rails. Plastic decal protectors ok.
  • Factory type bumpers or round tubing in original location. NO SHARP EDGES. ALL BUMPERS MUST TURN BACK TOWARD FRAME.
  • No wings, no mirrors.
  • Skirts allowed 6” below front bumper.
  • Must have three vertical bars in front of driver made of no less than ¾’ tubing.
  • Pickup truck bodies OK must have stock type nose.


  • Steel tubular clip chassis or stock clip chassis are allowed. No aluminum or titanium allowed in chassis construction. Rear frame optional. Minimum wheelbase is 103”+ or – 1 “. Any round tube, square tube or rectangular tubing with minimum of 1 ½” x .083” wall tubing. Cars must have a suitable steel roll cage in driver’s compartment including seat bracket and headrest mounted safely. A minimum of three (3) door bars are mandatory on driver’s side of roll cage. Each door bar must be round tubing with a minimum of 1 ½” x.095” wall thickness. All cars must have either a 16 gauge steel plate welded to outside of door bars or a ¼” aluminum plate bolted to outside of door bars. This plate must reach from lowest door bar to highest door bar and from behind driver’s seat to at least 6” in front of seat. Roll cage must extend at least 1” above driver’s helmet. Roll cage must be welded to the frame.
  • Frames to body or motor of frame optional. Engine to body optional.
  • Front suspension, steering box, steering quickener, rack and pinion, and a-frames are optional.
  • Steering boxes must remain as supplied by manufacturer.
  • The gear box assembly referred to as a steering quickener is allowed.
  • Steering boxes must remain in stock location for clip being used.
  • Suspension must remain completely stock from frame with the following exceptions:
    • Racing shocks permitted. Steel or aluminum shocks ok.  No Schrader valves or canister shocks allowed.  Also, no double adjustable shocks.
    • Wedge bolts permitted
    • Coil over eliminator allowed. No minimum spring size.
    • Tubular A frames optional, but must be nonadjustable.
  • Steering rods may be shortened or lengthened
  • Tie rod ends may use steel or aluminum adjustment sleeves plus
  • Helm tie rods. STEEL HELM JOINTS ONLY.
  • After market spindles are okay.
  • No rack and pinion steering
  • Sway bars and safety hubs on front are optional
  • Rear suspensions optional. i.e. Coil, coil-over, coil-over eliminators, or leaf springs allowed. No mismatches: i.e. leaf/coil combination. Must be same on both sides of rear. No fiberglass or carbon fiber springs. Sliders on rear leaf cars permitted. 4-bar or 3-bar suspensions are allowed. Fifth coil set-ups on lift bars allowed. All trailing arms or heim joints on rear suspension can be steel or aluminum. Birdcages on rear ends are allowed. These birdcages are allowed to swivel. Single pan hard bars may be used on coil spring cars only, but must be approved by Tech Inspector. Heim ends may be used for mounting. NO adjustments while running.


  • Rear-end may be locked, interchanged of rear-end permitted. 2” offset rear ends ok. Quick change optional. Stock floaters optional. No Detroit lockers or any other ratchet type rear end; spools are authorized, steel or aluminum. Aluminum tube rear ends ok.
  • Rear safety hub, Dual spline axle (safety hub) will be allowed. Grand National type.


  • Brakes and clutch pedals may be stock or after market style. Four-wheel disc brakes permitted. Calipers are optional. All must be operating. Right front brake optional.


  • Stock with safety strap or chain. MUST BE PAINTED WHITE. May be altered for length. Steel, aluminum or carbon fiber drive shafts allowed.




  • Any stock type transmissions. Must have operational reverse gear. Automatics may remove torque converter.  No direct drive or in/out boxer allowed.
  • Brinn, Bert or Falcon or quick change transmissions are allowed.


  • Any type clutch in stock location. 2 disc or 3 disc clutch ok. No ram couplers. MUST HAVE A 3” INSPECTION HOLE IN BELL HOUSING


  • Must be in stock location
  • Aluminum radiators allowed


  • Engine must be stock except for those items specifically spelled out in these rules. NO interchanging of internal pars. No high performance engine or parts. ALL accessories must be powered by engine. MINI STARTERS ALLOWED. No aftermarket blocks. Manufacturer only.
    • Oil pump. Engine oil pump may be high pressure and high volume. (stock configuration)
    • If you are running CHEV 400 block you will be allowed to run cooling lines to help cool the engine. Check with TECH before doing so. This also applies to all V8 engines.
    • GM Crate Motor 602 (GM part number 88958602) or GM Crate Motor 602 (GM part number 88958604) are allowed for competition in the Limited Late Model class. They must run a 2 bbl. Holley 4412 or a Holley #80541 4bbl.  carburetor and it must pass Hendry County Motorsports Park for Holley  carburetors.  The 602 crate motor must remain sealed as it was supplied by factory. NO ALTERING, TAMPERING, CHANGING OR REMOVING OF ANY PARTS WILL BE ALLOWED.

GM Crate Motor 602 must weigh a minimum of 2450 lbs. with a 12” spoiler.                GM Carte Motor 604 must weigh a minimum of 2550 lbs with a 10” spoiler.

NOTE: See 2013 United Dirt late Model Challenge Series rules for requirements and penalties associated with GM Crate Motors.  Those rules and penalties also apply to the Limited Late Model class.  Any re-builders ONLY be required to be done by Hendry County Motorsports Park, Fastract or NeSmith approved re-builders ONLY (Go to United Dirt Late Model for crate penalties)

CLAIMER ON GM CRATE MOTORS:                                                                                  Any driver finishing on lead lap may claim one motor in car finishing ahead of him.  The claim price for a GM 602 engine is $3,500 CASH.                                 This claim must be made to head flagman on front straight within 3 minutes of conclusion of event.  IF DRIVER LEAVES RACING SURFACE AND PROCEEDS TO PITS, THERE WILL BE NO CLAIM ALLOWED.                     ALL EAST BAY RACEWAY PARK RULES ON CLAIMS AND PROTESTS APPLY. See Claims and Protests in general rules.


  • Milling of block permitted. Porting or polishing block is permitted. NO ALUMINUM BLOCK. Lifter trays and screen on top of block allowed.


  • Any flat top piston, maximum .060 overbore plus .015 tolerance. Floating wrist pins allowed
  • Engines may be balanced




  • 5.7 long or 5.65 long only
  • Any steel rod
  • Polished stock rods
  • Crank balancing optional
  • Minimum weight on crank 48lbs


  • Any ratio rocker arms
  • All heads must remain within one degree of 23 degree valve angle heads. Any straight plug Heads OK. 2.02 valves ok. No titanium valves. Valve retainer optional. Stainless steel valves OK. No porting, polishing or gasket matching. No aluminum heads. Ford must run stock valve spring diameter and push rod. Screw in studs and guide plates optional. Roller rockers optional. Valve strings optional machine of head for large valve spring OK. All heads must be OEM stock or OEM stock Replacement heads.


  • Any after market 4 barrel intake may be used. No Porting, polishing or gasket matching allowed.
    • Maximum 1.65 inch height adapter plate between carburetor and intake manifold. This includes spacer plus 2 gaskets.
    • No item or device of any kind may protrude more than a maximum of 4? vertical through the hood.
      • Dart Heads: World Products: GM Performance Parts:  #10021070 #043600-1 or -2 #3991492 10021070s 043610-1 or -2 141010837 10024360 043640-1 or -2 1409621 10024361 043650-1 or -2 10239906-vortec 10024362 12558062-vortec 10024364 Summit Racing: 10024365 #SUM-151124-vortec Racing Head Service: 10024370 #12400 12402 12407-vortec
      • Pro Topline : Smiley’s Racing Products: #223 7694 167T #CC167CS 223 7694 217 CC167ES 223 6494 083 JPA350HS 223 6494 906- vortec JPA350HH JPA350HL
      • Max 194 heads. NO titanium valves. Valve retainer optional. Stainless steel valves O.K. No porting, polishing or gasket matching. NO ALUMINUM HEADS. Ford must run stock valve spring diameter and push rod. Screw-in studs and guide plates optional. Roller rockers optional. Valve springs optional, machining of head for large valve spring O.K. Retainers optional. Ford must run stock size valve spring diameter and stock push rod.
      • VALVE SIZE: Chevrolet: intake-1.94” maximum Exhaust-1.50” maximum Ford: intake- 2.02” maximum exhaust- 1.654” maximum Mopar: intake- 2.02” maximum exhaust- 1.625” maximum


  • Tubular clip chassis= Chevrolet engine-maximum 6” set back. No Tolerance. Must have 100 lbs. added in front of flywheel. Ford engines-maximum 6” setback. Must have 50 lbs. added in front of flywheel. Stock clip chassis maximum 6” set back. No tolerance. Engine may be offset a maximum 2” from center, measured from ball joints.


  • Any flat tappet cam and lifters. No mushroom lifters or roller cams  Any non-adjustable push rod allowed.
  • Because any flat top cam is allowed, comparable components to the cam will be allowed i.e. lifters-slotted rocker arms-screw in studs. Any item not mentioned here must be identified and reviewed by Tech inspector prior to its use. (if approved) Any non-adjustable push rod.


  • Any stock factory electronics permitted. Dual point distributor may be used as long as one side is blocked off and functions only as a single point system. No external coil wired on GM electronic dist. MSD ignition allowed. One 12 volt battery per car NO 18 volt batteries No battery inside drivers compartment



  • Any stock (GM TO GM) fuel pump or after market pump. Carter, Holley,etc 8lbs. pressure MAX


Must use 1 Holley #4412 two barrel carburetor or 1 Holley 1850, 3310, 80541 or Quadrajet carguretor

    • Choke plate may be removed
    • Jets and Power valve may be changed
    • NO other modifications to increase air flow.
    • Billet metering blocks allowed.
    • Only straight type squirter may be used.
    • Modifications to the carburetor or any of its components, or substitution of other than Holley parts without prior permission of HENDRY COUNTY MOTORSPORTS PARK will cause the vehicle to be classified as illegal. Screw must extend minimum of .060 protruding through bar (thread side).
    • Fuel tanks 33 gal. Maximum. Plastic fuel cells must be encased in aluminum canister. No electric fuel pumps. Fuel petroleum base.(GAS) regular pump type gas CAM2 or equivalent. NO TRICK ADDITIVES… No Alcohol, etc.


  • 15” × 10” or 15” x 12”  steel, or aluminum. . Bead locks allowed or right side of any offset.
  • No tire softeners. NO soaking of tires. No preheating of tires. NO chemicals of any type inside tire except oxygen or nitrogen. No grinding or removal of factory markings.  If found, tires will be confiscated and driver will receive a minimum $500 fine, loss of all points accrued to date and/or possible suspension.              10” x 12” wheels:  Approved tires include-  Goodyear 50, Hoosier D21, D55 and American racer D48 and D56. The tire punch rules are 48 for the soft tires and 60 for the hard tire compound.


  • Headers or stock exhaust manifolds OK
    • Optional. Must exit parallel to ground
    • Headers or stock exhaust manifolds OK
    • Schoenfeld #112535 Approved
    • Turn downs are optional


  • Total weight minimum after race with driver:
    •  Stock or tube front clip cars= 2650 lbs. with an 8” spoiler
    • Stock or tube front clip cars with 602 crate motor= 2450 lbs. with a 12” spoiler
    • Stock or tube front clip cars with 604 crate motor= 2550 lbs. with a 10” spoiler
    •  All tubular clip cars with Chevrolet engine must add additional 100 lbs. mounted in front of flywheel.
    • All tubular clip cars with Ford or Mopar engine must have 50 lbs. mounted in front of front of flywheel.
  • Top 3 finishers must go across scale after feature and then report directly to TECH SHED.
  • Tech inspector will inspect first three and anyone else track sees fit.



The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM THE PUBLICATION OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND/OR REGULATIONS. They are intended entirely as a guide for the conduct of the sport and in no way guarantee against injury or death to any participant, spectator or official.

The race director or Head Tech Inspector shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in their opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATIONS OR DEVIATIONS. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials and is final and binding.

On occasion when situations arise that are not covered by written rules herein, special rulings may be put into effect by the track officials. Once such rulings are acted upon, they may become an act of policy and will be added to the existing rules of procedures.





The Management of The Hendry County Motor Sports Park

No grinding or defacing of any casting numbers. Any motor part with missing or altered casting numbers are illegal regardless of the reason. To pull and inspect a carburetor $100.00. To pull a head the protest amount will be $150.00. To pull a cam shaft will be $200.00. To pull a motor out to check the bottom end will be $500.00. $100.00 of which will go to the tech inspector.

A proper protest will be completed as follows. The protest has to be done by the driver on the front straight immediately after the feature and only by cars finishing in the top five and on the lead lap. The driver must notify the flagman or the front straightaway track official, who will then alert the car being protested. The car will then be impounded in tech and the protesting party will have 10 minutes to present the amount of money as stated above for what is being protested. This must be presented in the form of cash, money order, or cashiers check. No business or personal checks will be accepted. The track officials and only the track officials shall determine when the 10 minutes will begin and funds must be presented to the tech man.



Raceceiver Mandatory!!!



$100.00 For Rear end, Brakes, visual, wheel base, Transmission, or clutch.